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Past Puppy Videos

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Photo Gallery

Previous Maltese litter between Hailey and Oliver
Morkie litter of pups and a single maltese male.
Abbey and Oliver's maltese boy Carter playing at 11 weeks old.
Maltese little boy named Boo who is 10 weeks old here.  Very loving and attentive and responsive to people.
Red Toy Poodles at 5 weeks old
Video of Britney and Oliver's two girls 
Whitney and Oliver's Maltese girl and two boys 
Pixie and Zander tiny toy Maltese/Yorkie girls.  Should be 4-6 lbs. 6 weeks old in video.
Prada and Keaton Yorkie-Poo pups at 4 weeks old. 

Hailey and Keaton Male Maltipoo 6 1/2 weeks
Teacup female parti color yorkie-poo
Maltese puppies 5 weeks old Brittany and Zander
Pixie and Keaton Yorkiepoo pups 6 weeks old
                   Morkie girls at 4 weeks old.
Parti color morkies and imperial shih tzu pups
Litter of toy poodle puppies and one morkie pup.
Apricot maltipoos and red maltipoo
Puppies Feb of 2020 Maltese, maltipoos poodles
Bella/Loki April litter of maltipoos